MP Databank v1.0 is wild!

A couple of weeks ago, I started an open project to capture data and information about our current sitting MPs, called MP Databank, and today I’m glad to be able to inform everyone that the data is mostly ready.

The spreadsheet is hosted on Google and is open to editing to all.

With the hardwork of friends like Edward, Nathaniel and Choong Yong, whom without them this would not be possible, we’ve managed to reference the biodata of almost all of the MPs, except their social media presence (Facebook, Twitter). If anyone have found some missing information that they’d like to contribute, please feel free to edit the spreadsheet or even add new columns.

Lets keep this project alive.

The data captured is released to the public domain so you’re free to use any of the data for your own personal/academic/commercial use. All I hope for is that you drop a link here so that the community can check out your cool work :)

My other project, will be referencing the data from the spreadsheet. I haven’t had the time lately to work on it, but I hope to push some bugfixes and new features up to the site next week. If you’d like to help out, do drop me an email :)