Easy deployment to Heroku in a few simple steps

Finally gave Heroku a try this evening.<p />I've first heard of them many months ago, but never really tried to use it, probably because I wasn't sure how it worked, and it looks expensive.<p /> After countless advice from friends and mentors to consider putting my next rails app on the platform, I decided to try and deploy an opensource project I'm starting to work on as a testbed.<p /> I was pleasantly surprised.<p />All I needed was to install the heroku gem, create an account, add a remote git repository to the heroku git repository, and finally do a push, and I'm done.<p />I managed to get http://moneybag.heroku.com up and running all within 3 minutes. <p /> Exploring the pages somemore, I noticed that they have added more features in the form of 'addons' that would help improve your instance. Virtual Goods anyone? <p />I had a good experience and I honestly wouldn't mind paying for their more professional price plans. I'll definately be considering using Heroku once our Rails version of Baboonza is up.