Happy Wisdom 2010!

Just got back from a wisdom tooth extraction at National Healthcare Group's Hougang Dentalcare clinic.

This is the first time I'm extracting my teeth at a government clinic and I'm very impressed at the level of professionalism the staff from the call center to the dental surgeon has shown.

I wouldn't mind going back there again.

I might have to because after extracting my 3rd wisdom tooth today, I found out I still have one more just chilling in my left lower jaw.

I also found out my body reacts to anesthesia much slower than when I was younger. Luckily Dr Tan Mei Na was pretty professional always checking if I was in pain and adding more jabs when needed.

So there it is. Ending 2009 with a wisdom tooth extraction.

Here's 's to a non-teethy 2010.

Happy New Year folks!