David - Musings of an SRE



  • 👋 Hi, I’m David
  • 🌏 I live in the GMT+8 timezone
  • 💼 I’m a 15 YoE backend, infra, SRE, currently taking a short sabbatical to try to build a business
  • 🏡 I run my own Autonomous System and most of my projects, on servers hosted in my homelab
  • 💗 I love everything relating tech infrastructure, cloud-native, building systems, devops, observability and engineer productivity
  • 👀 I’m interested in building infra-related tools and projects to bring down walled-gardens and to promote a free, decentralized and safe internet (web 1.0 roots)
  • 🛠️ I mostly write in golang now, and I’m excited to pick up a Beam VM language

Daily Drivers

  • I run my code and work mostly off a remote ssh server running in my homelab, so my daily drivers consists of just vim9, tmux, wireguard and ssh.


This blog is a braindump of my thoughts since 2009. Some of it is more longer-form, others may just be code snippet I leave behind contemptously to remember certain actions. I do intend to write my thoughts more now that I have more free time.


I currently consolidate most of my online projects at 2launch.us.

Some of the projects I’m currently excited about:

  • Newsletters.love - A platform to consume your curated newsletters
  • Maskthis.email - A disposable email forwarding service with webhooks
  • Sendnotes.co - A telegram bot that helps organize braindumps, notes that you leave behind


I also run The Cubiclerebels, a software consultancy that builds and maintains web applications and manages it end-to-end from design to deployment.


Find me on Twitter and Github